C-Pen Reader Pen

C-Pen Reader Pen


The C-Pen Reader Pen™ is a stand alone digital highlighter. The device has three main features: text reading using a high quality natural speaking voice, obtaining definitions from a Collins dictionary and capturing text remotely to file or directly to a cursor point on any computer. Simply select your application, scan, and enjoy the benefits!

• Instant word lookup in dictionary
• Scan to hear words spoken aloud
• Scan and save to file/copy files to computer
• Scan text directly to PC/Mac/Linux
• Record/listen to audio
• 1GB user space storage

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C-Pen Reader contains a high accuracy OCR that enables you to capture and save quotes and other text of interest instantly. The text is saved in text files which is then easily transferred to your computer. Extremely handy if you are a student or a researcher or if you just want to save some text of interest. Simply use the pen to scan a word, a paragraph, or why not full pages. 

Use C-Pen Reader to read printed text for you! C-Pen Reader features a high quality naturally speaking British English voice. Use it to listen to pronunciations or to help you read in general. Why not really benefit from the OCR and capture larger amount of text which C-Pen Reader reads for you while you follow the text in the text book visually? More senses = better learning. 

Not sure about a word? C-Pen Reader contains high quality electronic dictionaries. Capture the word(s) and they are located in the dictionary for you. It´s an instant experience. C-Pen Reader also remember words that you have looked up and keep the history available for you.

Aside from everything else C-Pen Reader also features a microphone (and of course speaker and headphones connector) allowing you to record audio. Like voice memos. The audio files are saved in the device, can be retrieved and listened to any time. You can also upload the audio files to your computer. It´s convenient!

C-Pen Reader uses a standard micro USB connector for charging and connecting to computers, and a standard 3.5 mm connector for your favourite headphones.

For those that are hearing impaired, the C-Pen Reader can also connect to the Roger Pen to be able to transmit the spoken text to your hearing aid. 
All you need to do is plug a auxiliary audio cable between the C-Pen and the Roger Pen and anything that the C-Pen scans, will be played through the transmitter on your hearing aid.

Click here for more information on the Roger Pen and to see how it works.


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