Duo Window Eye Level Reading Rulers

Duo Window Eye Level Reading Rulers


The Eye Level Reading Ruler is a coloured overlay filter and text highlighter about the size of an eight-inch ruler. It is discreet and professional-looking and can be kept in a book as a bookmark for easy storage. Supplied in a pack of 10 with one of each colour.

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The Duo reading ruler is made of a combination of opaque and transparent plastic that both underlines the text and highlights it in a coloured tint. Simply read the text through either of the tinted plastic strips of your selected colour, and track down the page: broad strip for paragraphs; narrow strip for single lines.


  • Increase reading speed by up to 25%

  • Enhances reading comprehension

  • Improves reading accuracy

  • Improves attention span

  • Fully transparent with a tracking line at 1cm for underlining.

  • Useful for studying diagrams and columns of figures.


Narrow (approx. 1cm) strip for highlighting single lines of text.

  • Broad (approx. 4cm) strip for scanning ahead in a paragraph, and for studying diagrams, tables, columns of figures etc.

  • Narrow panel with underlining band.

  • Matte finish on one side; Gloss finish on the other.

  • Ideal for figures, diagrams, and more advanced readers.

  • Protective Film on each ruler (remove before use).

  • Made from scratch-resistant recyclable PET.

  • Individually sleeved.

  • Size of ruler: 205mm x 80 mm; the rulers can be trimmed to fit in books or even cut in half to keep in a small dictionary.