Olympus DS-3500 Digital Recorder

Olympus DS-3500 Digital Recorder


The DS-3500 Professional Dictation System from Olympus is a robust, user-friendly tool for improving organisational efficiency.

Featuring intuitive push-button controls and multiple recording formats, the DS‑3500 is the ideal solution for streamlined data entry or conference recording. The included Olympus Dictation Management System software integrates directly with existing workflows, third-party applications and voice-recognition software, allowing users to automatically route files for transcription or archiving, and manage preferences and security settings individually or system-wide.

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Reliable security features

The DS-3500’s 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) system protects recorded data from illegal access, even when transferring files. The 256 bit AES is supported when recording in DSS Pro format. The AES encryption system meets the high security standards set by governments worldwide for securing data. In addition to securing the data, the DS-3500 Device Lock feature protects the device itself from unauthorised access using a 4-digit PIN code.

Stereo recording capability with live atmosphere
With the built-in stereo microphone jack and support for stereo recording formats such as WAV and MP3, the DS-3500 can be used not only for dictation, but also to record interviews and meetings by connecting an external stereo microphone such as the Olympus Boundary Microphone (ME-33). 

Large 2 inch TFT display with 65,000 colours

The DS-3500 features a 2 inch TFT colour LCD with LED backlight. This is 46% larger than previous models and supports 65,000 colours, making information on-screen much easier to read. Checking operation status takes
only a glance. A button guide can also be displayed. 

Push button operation
The robust push button is built for heavy usage, tactile operation and precise control without compromising ergonomics. Cleverly positioned on the side of the unit, the push button positions allow users comfortable and natural control when holding the device.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, USB cable, Olympus Dictation Management System CD, and carry case included.


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