Octa Whale Kit

Octa Whale Kit


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The Whale Kit provides a compact and portable lightweight stand that offers maximum stability with a minimal footprint. This Kit includes two parts, the Whale Tail and the Vacuum Dock. The fins and tail bend to accommodate typing and viewing angles. Slip the tail between your fingers for a comfortable handle. Transforms instantly into a stand. Wedge it and hook it in place like between a closed tray table for hands free flight. Attaches easily and reliably using an industrial-grade vacuum suction system. Ideal uses include reading, watching movies (especially on beds and beach blankets), and using your tablet on-the-go.

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•  Flexible: easily bends to portrait and landscape positions

•  Durable: reinforced to maintain strength after repeated bending

•  Sturdy: topple-proof on any surface

•  Comfortable: natural shape for a light, easy grip

•  Reliable: button provides visual indicator of suction strength

•  Powerful: vacuum-pump with metal reinforcement for superior suction power

•  Mobile: separates into two components for easy travel

•  Compatible: works on iPad, tablet, and e-reader (see Specs)

•  Case-Friendly: works on smooth, nonporous cases