Nessy Numbers

Nessy Numbers

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Nessy Numbers teaches multiplication and telling the time.

It is ideal for children who struggle with math.

Strategies develop an understanding of core mathematical concepts. Research studies by professor David Geary have proved that understanding mathematical concepts is essential to learning mathematics and is a much more effective way to learn than memorization.

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Tables of Doom

Become a master of times tables. Some children just can’t seem to remember their times tables. This program has been designed to help them. Learn in small steps. Children begin by learning strategies. These unique strategies lay the foundations of understanding. Tables of Doom is incredibly motivational. As they learn, children journey on a quest to help their monkey defeat the gorillas and rescue the imprisoned animals.

Clock Island

Learning to tell the time is often an area of difficulty for all children but particularly for those with a learning difficulty like dyslexia. These difficult mathematical concepts have been broken down into manageable stages and explained in a way that is much easier to understand. Meet Mr Hour and Mrs Minute. Help them repair Clock Island and defeat the gorilla robot – Burtzilla! A range of different games help learn every aspect of time, from basic facts to converting digital time into the 24 hour clock.

Product information:

  • Recommended for ages 5-11 years
  • Nessy Numbers is an online program that requires an Internet connection and is accessed by logging in at
  • Works on Mac and Windows desktop or laptop computers. It is not tablet compatible.
  • Internet browser: Chrome recommended.
  • A subscription to Nessy Numbers gives access to two islands covering times tables and learning to tell the time.