Nessy Fingers Touch Typing

Nessy Fingers Touch Typing

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Nessy Fingers touch typing is a fun way to learn the keyboard. Now online, the program has 5 brand new islands with 3 games on each, and new trophies to collect!

Nessy Fingers will take you through 5 lessons covering the Home Keys and each portion of the alphabet teaching you how to touch type. Once you’ve played the lessons there are games to reinforce learning and a typing speed test for when you’ve mastered the keyboard!

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Lessons and games are narrated and subtitled, and a keyboard is visible on screen. After each lesson you’ll be rewarded with a rosette and directed to the games you can play to develop the skills you’ve just learnt and win trophies.

Race dinosaurs on Dino Island, beat the court characters at Dragon Pants Castle and face the slippery perils of Penguin Mountain, collect nuggets for coming first, second or third!


  • Lesson 1: Home Keys (Learn the correct fingers positions to make touch typing easy and fun!)
  • Lesson 2: Keys A-G
  • Lesson 3: Keys H-N
  • Lesson 4: Keys P-Z
  • Lesson 5: Punctuation


  • Dino Island
  • Penguin Mountains
  • Black Rock Island
  • Lost Lagoon
  • Monkey Jungle

Key Features:

  • Rapid learning in just 5 short lessons
  • Choose from different word lists or input your own!
  • Swim as Nessy to set personal speed and accuracy targets
  • Colour-coding to aid fast learning
  • Sets a personal best typing target
  • Skill-o-meter lets you set the difficulty level
  • Keys are taught alphabetically
  • Unique time trial test which uses full sentences to assess speed

Mount Glory

Collect trophies for completing all 5 lessons and coming first on the island races! Click an empty pedestal to see how to win that trophy as you make your way around the Nessy Finger islands and tackle the time trial!

Test yourself against the clock!

The Nessy time trial is unique, using full sentences and punctuation to set a personal best for words per minute and accuracy that will be displayed in Mount Glory – your trophy island. Your personal best sets the default Skill-o-meter difficulty for all other games.

Test your typing speed in our mini-game! Compete against other Nessy characters in a 60-second race to the finish and find out if you have lightning fingers!

8 Reasons to Learn Touch Typing:

  • Learning to touch type is like riding a bike, once you’ve learnt you will never forget how!
  • Reduced need for handwriting which can be a challenging area for some people with dyslexia
  • Speed – touch typing is significantly faster than the hunt and peck method. In the future this can lead to increased employability/job prospects, but right now it can mean less time on homework!
  • You don’t have to look at the keyboard, allowing you to correct your errors in real-time as you make them, rather than looking up to check after every letter/word/sentence.
  • Improved ICT skills
  • Research has shown that learning to type early on, in the first few years of schooling, can benefit student’s reading, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • It also gives an alternate way to learn to spell, you become used to the pattern and structure of the letters and muscle memory can help you remember spellings.
  • A recent study showed that there is no difference between those with dyslexia and those without when work is typed, but a significant difference when it is handwritten.

Technical Requirements & Support

  • Robust broadband internet connection.
  • Not tablet compatible.
  • Chrome or Safari browser recommended. Not compatible with Internet Explorer.